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Veloce Brutale by kriek Veloce Brutale by kriek
Lock yourself in your room, and come out as beautiful as you are. Don't give in to all those voices that are telling you about past failures, killing you before you've had your chance to live, they're whispering, and you cannot win as long as you're listening.

Raison d'ętre
Art that interests me has much in common with and/or belongs to resistance. It must challenge our preconceptions, disrupt our thoughts; it is outside the norms, outside the law, against bourgeois order; it is not there to cradle us, to reinforce our comfort, to serve up again what we already know. It must take risks, at the risk of not being immediately accepted or acceptable. It is deviant, and in itself a social project. I am continuously enticed to combine dissimilar stylistic genres of art and shatter the hard and fast rules of the atrocious pursued ideology. Art is mediated in ways specific to its modes of signification. This can be enabling or disabling –- limits are continuously set; but seldom broken.

My gallery is Copyright ©2003-2012 Jonathan D. Kriek. All rights reserved. All the materials contained in my DeviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My images do not belong to the public domain.
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cottser Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2003
Inspirational, and pleasing to the eye. Hehe, eye. I really like the style this has, and the way that the two styles kinda fit together and kinda don't. Nice.
jibrille Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2003   Interface Designer
Wonderful image, touching description.
passionate Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2003
I simply adore how you composed this piece Jon. It definitely has a dark lonely feeling to it; influential and very emotional. The color tone and hue is exceptionally fitting. Impressive work.
kriek Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
ink5000, Initially thank you for your perceptive assessment, secondly welcome to deviant art. I anticipate it treats you better than most. Remeber to let criticism motivate you.
ink5000 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Professional General Artist
i like your photo, but even more i like your view of art. too many pople just act and have no idea why they made something or what their intentions of its impact are. i tend to lean toward the darker side of photography on the grey scale so that is why your image stood out to me, and the char is just barely visible. makes the viewer work for it. very nice. keep up the good work and philosophy.
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June 14, 2003
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