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June 20, 2002
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92 Magnitude by kriek 92 Magnitude by kriek
92. Magnitude
2 of 6 in the Breach series based on Number and Word harmonization.
Tools: Photoshop 7
Featuring: Estella Warren
Info: Let me first say that I played with many different versions before I came up with something I liked. I took the image of Estella Warren and initially attempted to cover her up a bit. Not that a little nudity is dire, but it was really distracting. I started working with her hands; I completely took both hands and parts from the arms off the image. Then put them aside to use them for reference. I find sometimes it's better to recreate certain parts. I then began the process of creating some good rustic textures. I thought about overlaying it on the image, but it wasn't looking the way I wanted it. So first I outlined the path I was going to take and then I used the clone tool to go around her body. I hit and miss with the rustic textures. Notice I said texture(s) an in plural. Total there of 6 homemade textures that make up this piece. I've already been asked on a tutorial on how to make the textures, but I haven't got the time really. There are also quite a bit of personal imperfections that make this image unique. Like when I took the left arm off it didn't go back on quite as well as I thought it would. If you look hard you can tell. I used the color burn took in some areas to cover up.

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92 pieces of body parts tattooed onto body and soul. Peice never make up a whole, only create a hole.
This is simply stunning. The colors as well as textures are wonderful, not too much on the face either. Great job. I really enjoyed off to take a gander at your other works.
Great job on this one, the amount of work is evident. Nice :) (Smile)
Intriguing manipulation. Vibrant, yet simple.
when i first saw this, i thought that the textures on her skin were mehndi .. its wicked. i love the way its all woven together.. you have such a talent for this.
excellent work!
niiiice textures man, i feel like i could grab her leg and it would desinigrate in my hand. nice work.
Weeee I love the textures! =) (Smile)

spiritofcat Jun 21, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's cool!
You have done this really well!
great texture and model...
good job
spunj13 Jun 20, 2002  Professional General Artist
the textures of this are almost has a "woven-into an old couch" sort of look though...which is different....

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